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  1. How to enable http compression on a Plesk server?

    What is http compression and which module to use for http compression?

    Compressing data before transmitting to the browsers and then uncompressing the data before displaying. The module that is...
  2. How to increase simultaneous/concurrent email deliveries in Plesk Qmail?

    Qmail allows a maximum of 10 local and 20 remote email deliveries/processes simultaneously by default. The concurrencylocal and concurrencyremote files are the ones which handles the concurrent local...
  3. Shell script to backup a Mysql database and save it on a remote server using Ftp

    The following shell script will dump the mysql database and will save the .sql file on a remote location using Ftp. This script will create a backup file including the current date so you can have...
  4. How to enable allow_url_fopen for a single domain on a cPanel server?

    The way to enable allow_url_fopen on a phpsuexec and a non-phpsuexec server is different. To enable allow_url_fopen server wide is a security risk, however, you can turn it ON for a single domain...
  5. version.c:30:16: error: db.h: No such file or directory

    version.c:30:16: error: db.h: No such file or directory
    make: *** [version.o] Error 1

    If you receive the db.h error message while installaing a package, you are surely missing db and db-devel...
  6. find_free_dqentry(): Data block full but it shouldn’t.


    VFS: Error -5 occurred while creating quota.
    VFS: find_free_dqentry(): Data block full but it shouldn’t.


    The error message “find_free_dqentry(): Data block...
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    How to secure the SSHD service?

    SSH service can be secured in various ways like changing the SSH port, changing the ssh protocol, ssh ListenAddress, disable root login with the PermitRootLogin parameter, allowing ssh access to...
  8. Starting sshd: Privilege separation user does not exist

    The error message “Starting sshd: Privilege separation user sshd does not exist FAILED” is received on restarting the SSHD service. It indicates that the user ‘sshd’ does not exist at all. To fix the...
  9. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

    When PHP is not compiled with Mysql, you receive ‘Call to undefined function mysql_connect’ error message on your website

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  10. Warning: user mockbuild does not exist: using root

    The ‘mock’ module is responsible to build the source RPMs (SRPMs) under a chroot environment and uses the ‘mockbuild’ user.

    If the mockbuild user does not exist while installing the source RPM,...
  11. mpt-status.h:6:28: error: linux/compiler.h: No such file or directory

    While compiling ‘mpt-status’ tool with the kernel source, you may receive a ‘linux/compiler.h: No such file or directory’ message.

    mpt-status.h:6:28:error: linux/compiler.h: No such file or...
  12. Invalid command “SSLEngine”, perhaps misspelled OR defined by a module not included.

    We install a SSL certificate on a domain to secure the transaction carried out on a website but sometimes we receive an error message

    "Invalid command "SSLEngine", perhaps misspelled or
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    How to find out CPU Utilization in Linux?

    There are various ways to check the CPU usage on a Linux server, like using top and ps commands OR by installing the sysstat package which includes sar, iostat, mpstat commands to check the daily...
  14. Howto Install and Configure VNCserver in Linux?

    The common method to manage a Linux server remotely is through CLI interface via SSH, which many people often find it difficult as they are not familar with the Linux commands.

    The solution is to...
  15. Unzip: skipping need PK compat. v4.5

    Sometimes extracting a zip file using the unzip command may result in the “skipping: need PK compat. v4.5″ error message.

    # unzip
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    Unable to unsuspend a domain in Plesk

    If you perform a Plesk upgrade, you may notice you are unable to unsuspend a domain from the Plesk control panel resulting in the following message:

    Warning: The domain is still suspended for...
  17. How to install PHP-Json module on a Linux Plesk server?

    To install/enable Json support for PHP on a Linux Plesk server, follow the below steps:

    1. Install php-pear and gcc

    # yum install php-pear gcc

    2. Install json module
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    Nginx 502 Bad Gateway error

    My server went down today and after restarting, it came up with a “Nginx 502 Bad Gateway” message. At first I thought its something related to the Nginx service, so restarted the nginx service but...
  19. Thread: Lynx

    by Arthur.M


    lynx is a text based browser for Linux and FreeBSD

    [Only Registered And Activated Users Can See Links]

    Install lynx from yum

    yum install lynx

    Install Lynx from Source
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    Find visitor IP

    function get_real_ip()

    if (isset($_SERVER["[Only Registered And Activated Users Can See Links]
    return $_SERVER["[Only Registered And Activated Users Can See Links]
    elseif (isset($_SERVER["[Only Registered And Activated Users Can See Links]
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    Creating FTP user

    First install pureftpd Install pureftpd from source

    Then do following steps to create FTP account

    mkdir -p /home/

    Create user for FTP login
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    Install postfix mail server

    Install postfix mail server

    rpm -qa|grep sendmail

    [root@server32 ~]# rpm -qa|grep sendmail
    [root@server32 ~]#
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    Postfix Commands

    Starting and Stopping Postfix

    service postfix start
    service postfix stop
    service postfix status

    You can get more options by running command "postfix" on command prompt.
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    Configure postfix

    Configure postfix

    configure postfix, plain auth

    vi /etc/postfix/

    queue_directory = /var/spool/postfix
    command_directory = /usr/sbin
    daemon_directory = /usr/libexec/postfix
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    Install postfix from source code

    yum -y install db4 db4-devel

    Create user

    groupadd postfix -g 1000
    useradd postfix -u 1000 -g 1000
    groupadd postdrop
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