Starting and Stopping Postfix

PHP Code:
service postfix start
service postfix stop
service postfix status 
You can get more options by running command "postfix" on command prompt.

PHP Code:
[root@server26 yum.repos.d]# postfix
postfix/postfix-scriptfatalusagepostfix start (or stopreloadabortflushcheckset-permissionsupgrade-configuration)
root@server26 yum.repos.d]

Seeing Mails in Queue

PHP Code:
postqueue -

Deleting All Mails in Queue

PHP Code:
postsuper -d ALL 
Delete one Message in Queue

PHP Code:
server14# postsuper -d CAA8633C5D
Deleted1 message

See a Message in Queue

PHP Code:
postcat -q MAIL_ID 
MAIL_ID is Queue ID of the message in mail queue.