PHP Code:
   VFSError -5 occurred while creating quota.
VFSfind_free_dqentry(): Data block full but it shouldn’t

The error message “find_free_dqentry(): Data block full but it shouldn’t” appears in the server logs when the files “aquota.user and” are mostly corrupted. The ‘fixquotas’ cannot read these files and thus increases CPU usage while quota update is in process. You need to create new aquota.user and files and execute the quotacheck again.


First, turn off the quota:

PHP Code:
    # quotaoff -av 
Move the aquota files i.e. /aquota.user and / to a temporary directory.

PHP Code:
    # mkdir /root/tmp_aquota
    # mv /aquota.* /root/tmp_aquota/ 
Now, create these files again with the touch command

PHP Code:
    # touch /aquota.user
    # touch / 
Now, execute ‘quotacheck’. quotacheck examines each filesystem, builds a table of current disk usage.

PHP Code:
    # /scripts/quotacheck   (cPanel server) 
PHP Code:
    # quotacheck -augm 
While in process, you may see a message as “quotacheck : Warning quota files was probably truncated. Can’t save quota settings” which is normal under this circumstances.

Once the quotacheck process completes, turn on the quotas

PHP Code:
    # quotaon -av 
Quota update will work fine again.