Internet of Things brings a connected life for Indians with connected devices. IoT is gaining momentum across industries to derive intelligent business decisions. In the present scenario, with the deployment of smart city initiatives, a huge volume of data is generated, stored, and processed demanding a technology to access this data. Cloud technology acts as a paradigm to store the data which is used for generating meaningful insights.

To serve this purpose, ESDS brings an intelligent cloud platform eNlight IoT.

eNlight IoT: “Made in India” Cloud for IoT infrastructure

Contributing to India’s vision of #AatmanirbharBharat, ESDS brings a “Made in India” cloud platform for IoT infrastructure. To incorporate the rising demands of data and interactions, eNlight IoT delivers a secure and reliable environment to access the cloud applications and huge volume of generated data. It is a flexible solution ensuring easy scaling of resources and enhanced asset utilization.

eNlight IoT: For Indians! By Indians!

Why should you choose eNlight IoT?

1.Enhanced Asset Utilization
2.Real – Time analytics
3.Ensure secure inter-device communication
4.Improved Productivity and operational efficiency
5.Optimized Cost
6.Enhanced Equipment Maintenance
7.Exuberant Customer Experience
8.OpEx based payment module

eNlight IoT ensures secured device connections, data transfers and access controls with Serverless Computation. Hurry up! Be the first one to benefit from out “Made in India” eNlight IoT platform.

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