History of solaris

In the year 1990, Sun Microsystems replaced SunOS 4 with a version of UNIX system V release 4 which was developed along with AT&T; this was names as Solaris 2.
Solaris is a combination of SunOS, graphical user environment, ONC+ and many other components. The latest version i.e. SunOS 5.10 forms the content of Solaris 10.


It is a language script which can be embedded in C++ or Java applications and can also be stored in a variety of file formats, including XML. This scripting language was invented by Simon Whiteside.


It is an object-oriented programming language which is mainly designed for the Java platform, it also has features common to Python, Ruby, Perl, and Smalltalk. It uses a syntax which is similar to java and is dynamically compiled to JVM bytecodes that work with other Java code and libraries. The compiler can be used to generate standard Java bytecode or can also be used dynamically as a language script.


It is a Java programming language for the implementation of scripting language which is developed by researchers at AT&T Labs. Its syntax and grammar is very learn for the people who are familiar with the C programming language and Java. This application is indistinguishable from a Java application, for a application developer, it provides a simpler coding.

Sleep programming language

It is a procedural scripting language which is inspired by Perl and Objective-C. It is the only known implementation of the language is written in Java intended for embedding into existing Java applications to provide scripting services. It integrates easier with applications.